Masterbuilt Smoker Recipes – These Are Amazing Recipes

Because of the internet age we live in today, you can benefit from these amazing Masterbuilt smoker recipes among all of the others that are available online. However, you can also create your own recipes to share with the people you enjoy spending time with. Either way, you will be a winner with your family and friends.

Masterbuilt Smoker Recipes

Think about it… would you like to be able to serve tender smoked pulled pork at the next birthday party; or mouth-watering smoked baby back ribs at the next family dinner; or a juicy smoked turkey for the holidays? The list goes on and on but you can enjoy it all with your Masterbuilt smoker

This smoker has certainly garnered a strong reputation as being arguably the best of its kind in the marketplace. The clean design and simple, intuitive controls make it the perfect smoker for outdoor cooking.  However, people are searching for delicious Masterbuilt smoker recipes that they can depend on to provide a variety of meals for the dinner table.  

Of course, there is more to a recipe than just pulling one off the internet and firing up the smoker. You will first need to locate your favorite recipe, then select the proper meat, make some minor preparations, and initiate the type of smoking technique that yields the best results. 

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Where Can I Find these Amazing Masterbuilt Smoker Recipes? 

There are numerous recipes out on the internet, but it is not always clear knowing what separates the really good ones from the ones that aren’t so good. There are a few things you can look for to see if a recipe is the right one for you.  

  • Use Ingredients That You Like: While it is always important to try new things, that does not mean you have to use ingredients that you do not like. While mixing different ingredients changes the overall flavor, if something doesn’t satisfy your taste buds, you may want to leave that ingredient out or find another recipe.  For example, some people do not like garlic or onions so leaving them out of the ingredients will probably not alter the taste significantly.  
  • Spices, Sauces & Smoker Temperature: These are the basics of preparing your meat and your smoker. The spices and sauces used in preparing the meat should be included in the recipe. The recipe should also indicate the correct smoker temperature. While you can vary the spices and sauces used, the smoker temperature must be followed closely to get the best results.  
  • Regional Goodness: Another aspect of finding the right Masterbuilt smoker recipe is in determining whether it reflects the part of the country or region that you enjoy eating food from. You should take a few minutes to research the major regions of the country and determine those areas that have the tastes and seasonings that you enjoy when it comes to BBQ sauces and other seasonings. Once you know this, you can try recipes that reflect the sauces and spices used in that area. For example, if you like Texas-style BBQ sauces and seasonings, then you should look for recipes that reflect the influence of that area. 
  • Standard Internet Search: Quite often there are some amazing recipes posted on individual blog sites. A standard internet search can yield some recipes that really surprise you. You can tailor these searches so that they reflect a particular region of the country as well. 

There are also many different cookbooks available out on the internet that contain some amazing smoker recipes and many of them will allow you to preview the selected sections of their book before you buy.

There is a recipe book we recommend by John McLemore titled “Dadgum That’s Good!” and it has some amazing Masterbuilt smoker recipes. It also has some great tips for smoking food that we think you will find most enjoyable and helpful.  You can find this recipe book and many others on Amazon at very reasonable prices. 

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How Do I Select the Proper Meat? 

Selecting the proper meat is certainly important to your results. Once you have decided on the recipe you want to use, then making a trip to the grocery store should be the next thing on your list. Whether you have decided to smoke brisket, pork, chicken, turkey or some other delightful meat, you should look for a cut of meat or poultry that has been properly inspected and graded.

It is preferable to start out with the nicest cut of meat, even though smoking can tenderize a tough piece of meat. When selecting your meat, always be certain that the meat has a nice color to it and a firmer feel to the touch, with no tears in the packaging, and no odor to it.       

Remember it is the “low and slow” smoking of meat that gives the best results. Many people have a tendency to get in a hurry, but smoking meat is about cooking at a lower temperature for a longer period of time. Remove the meat from the smoker once its’ internal temperature reaches the recommended safe minimum level.  

What Preparation Is Necessary Before the Meat Goes Into the Smoker? 

To experience the vast number of recipes available for your Masterbuilt electric smoker,  it all begins with selecting the right seasoning and sauces. Every recipe makes certain recommendations for rubbing seasoning and sauces into the meat before it is put into the smoker.

The most common ingredients consist of salt, pepper, brown sugar and chili powder.  There are other ingredients used, but these are the four most common that you will find.

It is advisable to be generous with the ingredients that you rub into the meat so that you can get the best flavor. When you are starting off with these recipes for the first time, it is advisable to just follow the directions given and later work your way towards customizing them to your own tastes once you gain some experience.  

After you have gained a little experience, experimenting is a good idea and it is a lot of fun as long as you do it in moderation. It is always best to experiment by making little adjustments so that you can fine-tune a recipe to reach the right flavor for you.  

Whether putting meat in a smoker or turkey in a fryer, people usually like to use a marinade, rub or BBQ sauce to add flavor. Each region of the country seems to have its own special variety in each of these flavorings. If you do not want to create your own flavorings, you can certainly find a good one to purchase. Amazon has a great selection of marinades, rubs, and BBQ sauces at some of the best prices we have found. 

BBQ Bro's Seasoning and Rub

Of course, it is always a good idea to keep a variety of spices and sauces around so you can experiment with many different recipes. That way, when you find a new combination that you want to try out, you will have the necessary ingredients on hand.  

Are There Certain Techniques to Use?  

The true art of a good Masterbuilt smoker recipe is in the smoking technique used, as it should bring out the very best result in the meat. Both of these particular techniques will have a substantially different effect on the meat that is being prepared. 

  • Hot Smoking: This is the most common smoking technique used. It occurs when food is placed in the smoker chamber and gets cooked and smoked at the same time. During hot smoking, the smoker chamber will commonly reach temperatures of 225°F and above. Once the food is removed from the smoker chamber, it is ready for the dinner table. Sometimes there are additional steps needed to finish the food before serving. Hot smoking also promotes the tenderizing of meat as the internal meat temperatures reach levels between 145°F and 165°F depending on the meat being smoked. It is important to have a smoker thermometer to monitor the internal temperature of the food you plan to serve.
  • Cold Smoking: This type of smoking is used for meat that has already been cooked or cured. Cold smoking occurs in a separate external chamber where the smoke is pushed to add flavor to the food. During cold smoking, temperatures are generally between 90°F and 120°F. For example, foods like ham, bacon, and fish have been properly cooked or prepared in advance and then are smoked through the external chamber. 

Always remember to practice food safety when preparing food as it is most important to cook food to it’s proper internal temperature rather than to the suggested time. For more information about the proper internal temperature of different types of meat, you can check out our safe meat temperatures page.

All in all, finding the right Masterbuilt electric smokehouse smoker recipes begins with selecting the right meat, the right spices, the right sauces, and the right wood chips, and wraps up using the proper smoking technique.

Once you develop a taste for smoke-flavored food, you will find a number of different electric smoker recipes that you can enjoy over and over again, and be able to create signature-style recipes of your very own, all thanks to the versatility of the electric smoker from Masterbuilt

Below you will find recipes for smoked turkey brine, smoked pulled pork and smoked baby back ribs. These recipes have become very popular and are among our favorites. We recommend you try each of these in your smoker.

We hope you enjoy these recipes. But don’t forget to experiment and develop some of your own recipes, and then share the ones that become your favorites.  

Also be sure to return to this page from time to time, as we add more amazing Masterbuilt smoker recipes that we have come to enjoy.