About Us

We appreciate you stopping by to visit us here at MasterbuiltSmokerCenter.com!

Here you will find out a little bit about us – who we are, what we are about, when we got started, where we see our website going in the future, and how we plan to get there.

Who We Are

We are avid backyard BBQ specialists who like to spend time outside with our family and friends.

Some people think we’re crazy, but we really enjoy researching and testing products in the outdoor smoking, grilling and cooking industry. 

From our research and testing, we like to be able to share the information we find with people like you.

Our hope is that it will help you in making an informed buying decision if you are looking to purchase a smoker, grill or any of the cooking related accessories. 

What We Are About

We are all about providing you with the most current, up-to-date information about each product that is mentioned so you can make an informed decision.

While we have come to like the Masterbuilt brand of products, you will find that we provide information about other competing products as well.

We are members of the Amazon Associate program, which means we can earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

You can read more about this program on our affiliate disclosure page.

When We Got Started

We got started with this business back in 2015…..sort of by accident.

We have always enjoyed grilling food, but a new restaurant came to our town and they are known for their smoked food.

After eating at this new establishment several times, the idea came up to try smoking our own food.

So we bought our first Masterbuilt smoker and you could say we’ve been bitten by the bug every since.  

Soon after that, we developed this website so we could share the information we have been able to benefit from.

Where We Are Going

We are going to continue sharing all of the information we find and the things we learn along the way.

Since we like to try all of the new gadgets, we have to be careful that we don’t over-extend our budget.

As we continue to grow, we want to continue to give to those in need.

With hungry and homeless people all around us, we continue to use a portion of our proceeds to support organizations who work tirelessly to combat these issues. 

How We Will Get There

We will get there with the help of people like you.

As you visit our website and spend time searching for information you need, you will actually be helping us too.

The more visitors we have and the more time each visitor spends helps to boost our visibility, which leads to even more visitors.

Now that you know a little more about us, we encourage you to tell your friends so we can pass our information along to help them and help others. 

Once again….we would like to thank you for visiting us here at MasterbuiltSmokerCenter.com!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our website or if there is a product related to this industry that you would like us to research.