Kamado Joe vs the Big Green Egg – Who Wins the Battle?

People who are looking for a ceramic grill want to know who wins in the battle between Kamado Joe vs the Big Green Egg. Both of these grills look like large colored eggs and both have some very notable similarities, but it’s the differences that seem to help decide the winner of this battle.

Kamado Joe vs the Big Green Egg - Who Wins the Battle?

In the rest of this article, we will examine the characteristics that will help you draw your own conclusion about this comparison. We also answer some questions that have been asked specifically about the Kamado Joe.

Is Kamado Joe Better than Big Green Egg?

There has been a lot of talk back and forth. But to answer this question, we must first compare the features and characteristics of Kamado Joe vs the Big Green Egg.

* Both brands are very reputable.
* Efficient cooking is a noticeable trait in both.
* Each brand has a lifetime warranty on their ceramics parts and a limited warranty on other parts ranging from 1 year to 5 years.
* Both kamado grills are made of ceramic, stainless steel and cast iron parts, which are durable and long lasting.
* Both have thermostats built-in to the lid and you can easily see the temperature while cooking.
* When comparing Kamado Joe vs Green Egg, both have good quality natural lump charcoal that can be purchased separately from the grill unit, which is recommended for use in these grills.
* While Big Green has been around for a longer period of time, Kamado Joe is becoming more and more popular among people today.
* Kamado Joe can be purchased online through Amazon and many different online retailers, but the Big Green Egg must be purchased only through authorized dealers or distributors, some of which are available online.
* When you buy a Kamado Joe, you will find a basic accessories package is included in the purchase price of the grill unit. The Big Green Egg also has accessories, but you have to purchase them separately.
* Kamado Joe is packaged in a sturdy cardboard box mounted on a wooden crate and Big Green Egg in a cardboard box.
* The Big Green Egg weighs less than the Kamado Joe and you will need another person to help you lift the Kamado Joe into its cart or stand.
* Big Green Egg takes longer to assemble because there are no pre-assembled parts, while the Kamado Joe comes with mostly pre-assembled parts.
* Kamado Joe uses heavy-duty parts, including the soft open/close air hinge and multi-tier cooking rack system which are favorite features among users.
* Kamado Joe is blaze red and Big Green Egg is green.

In making the comparison of Kamado Joe vs Green Egg, you can see where these two are similar. But when considering all of the differences between these two, we have to give the edge to the Kamado Joe charcoal grill.

Kamado Joe BJ24RH Big Joe I 24-inch Charcoal Grill with Cart and Side Shelves, Blaze Red

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Is Kamado Joe Worth the Money?

We believe the answer to that question is a definite “yes” and here is why.

First of all, the Kamado Joe is ready for action right out of the box. This grill comes mostly pre-assembled which means you can begin to enjoy it’s innovative and versatile features immediately.

You get everything needed for a great cooking experience right out of the box. From the ash tray that is so easy to clean, to the gasket around the dome lid that provides a tight seal to hold the heat, to the air lift hinge that makes it very easy to open and close the dome lid.

The vent cap is rain proof and eliminates any worries of ever getting water in the grill or on your food.

Next, all of the accessories are rugged and very functional. Our favorite accessories are the Divide and Conquer Rack System, the Joetisserie and the Dojo insert.

The Divide and Conquer Rack System is especially nice because it allows you to have different levels of cooking with different types of food being cooked at the same time.

While the Joetisserie is great for making rotisserie chicken, the Dojo insert is handy for preparing wood-fired oven pizza and other baking ideas you might have.

Finally, you get a tremendous amount of value for the money. There are so many accessories already built-in to the price of the grill that you don’t have to purchase them separately.

There are a number of models when it comes to the Kamado Joe grill and each of them comes with a certain pre-packaged accessories kit. Depending on your budget, you can choose from the Kamado Joe Jr. on the low end to the Kamado Joe Pro Joe on the high end, with several other units in between.

You can check out the pre-packaged accessories kit that comes with each grill in our article about Kamado Joe grill accessories.

Which Kamado Joe Charcoal Grill is Best?

It really depends on what’s important to you, what you want, and what you can afford to invest in a Kamado Joe charcoal grill.

In our evaluation of each grill, we look at things like how the grill is constructed, how well it performs, the ease of use, the different attributes built into the grill, the accessories that are included, and the price of the grill.

Here is a list of our top choices when rating the Kamado Joe grill:

Image Description Our Rating Buy
Kamado Joe Big Joe II 24 inch Grill Kamado Joe
Big Joe II 24 inch
Top Rated
Overall Grill
Kamado Joe Classic II 18 inch Grill Kamado Joe
Classic II 18 inch
Best Value
Kamado Joe Joe Jr Grill Kamado Joe
Joe Jr
Best Small
Kamado Joe Big Joe III 24 inch Grill Kamado Joe
Big Joe III 24 inch
Best Large
Kamado Joe Joe Jr Grill Kamado Joe
Joe Jr
Best Budget

While each of these grills are a bit of an investment, they are definitely worth it.

When you consider how long it will last and how much you will use one of these grills, the decision becomes much easier.

You really can’t go wrong if you purchase any of these Kamado grills, but for most people the choice comes down to what they can afford to pay.

To get more information about these grills, you can check out our article that lists the most popular Kamado Joe charcoal grills.

How Long Will a Kamado Joe Ceramic Grill Last?

The Kamado Joe ceramic grill is produced with very high quality materials, using only the highest of standards. When you buy one of these, you can be sure you’ll have a grill that will last you for many, many years.

The Kamado Joe grill is made with a ceramic shell, and uses ceramic plates inside.

All other parts are made using stainless steel and cast iron.

Each of their grills come with a lifetime warranty which is a great indicator of the confidence you can have in their products.

Kamado Joe BJ24RH Big Joe I 24-inch Charcoal Grill with Cart and Side Shelves, Blaze Red


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Is Kamado Joe Grill Good for Smoking?

Because of its ability to cook at a low and slow temperature, the Kamado Joe grill is good for smoking. In fact, one of the things that make this grill so unique is the versatility it has to be able to smoke, sear, grill, roast and bake.

The overall process of smoking in a Kamado Joe is really pretty simple.

You start by putting some charcoal in the lower ceramic bowl, then add a few pieces of your favorite wood chunks to give more wood-fire flavor. It’s best to use lump charcoal made by Kamado Joe or a similar brand, and not charcoal briquettes, because it burns cleaner, hotter and creates less ash.

Remember to never use lighter fluid in your grill as it will make the food taste nasty and not do anything good for it. It’s best to use fire starter blocks instead to get the fire started.

Next, you set up the heat deflectors, drip pan, and grill grates according to the instructions and close the dome lid.

Once the smoke begins to roll, close the lower vent on the grill to about a 1 inch opening and leave it there for the entire smoking process.

Then begin to restrict the opening of the top vent once the temperature is about 50 degrees away from the target temperature and stop restricting once the temperature reaches and holds at the desired smoke temperature of 225 to 250 degrees fahrenheit.

Once you reach the desired smoke temperature, place your meat on the grill grates, close the lid and come back to check when it’s finished. It really is that simple, which is what some people like to refer to as a set and forget process.

If you need to know the smoking times of meat and the safe internal meat temperatures, you can check out our safe meat temperatures page.

Kamado Joe BJ24RH Big Joe I 24-inch Charcoal Grill with Cart and Side Shelves, Blaze Red


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Can You Use Kamado Joe in the Rain?

The Kamado Joe is built to handle rainy or snowy days. So you shouldn’t let rain or snow keep you away from using it.

Many people think that these types of weather conditions will affect the grill temperature, but the Kamado Joe is so well insulated the cold weather will hold heat more efficiently.

Also the top lid vent on the dome lid is made so that rain cannot enter the grill when the lid is closed.

One thing you will need to watch during the rain is your digital meat thermometer. These gadgets are typically not made to leave out in the rain so you’ll want to find a way to protect it.

In cold weather, it may require a little longer cooking time. It’s best to use a digital internal meat thermometer that allows you to check the meat temperature remotely and reduces or eliminates the need to open the dome lid. Opening the lid will cause the inside grill temperature to drop and require a little more time to get back to your target cooking temperature.

Go to our article on smoker thermometers to learn more about the importance of having a wireless digital meat thermometer and some options that are available.

Kamado Joe KJ-WCHUNKSP Pecan Chunks

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Can You Use Wood in a Kamado Joe?

For the most part, you will only want to use wood as a supplement to your charcoal that is used in your Kamado Joe grill. And while wood chips can be used, wood chunks are best because they last longer and work best in providing the wood-fired flavor people are looking for.

We recommend you use lump charcoal because it provides a cleaner, hotter burn as well as a longer, more efficient burn. You can add chunks of your favorite wood on top of the charcoal to achieve the taste you’re looking for.

Many people don’t realize that lump charcoal is actually charred wood and doesn’t contain the additives and fillers that most charcoal briquettes have.

To know which wood chunks pair best with the meat you’re cooking, jump over to our page where we share the five tips to selecting wood chips.


We’re convinced that when it comes to deciding a winner between Kamado Joe vs the Big Green Egg, the decision goes to the Kamado Joe charcoal grill.

While there are many similar features when making a comparison of Kamado Joe vs Green Egg, the differences are what really provide the clear distinction between the two.

We believe it would cost more money to bring a Big Green Egg up to a comparable version of the Kamado Joe. The pre-packaged accessories kit that comes with a Kamado Joe grill, creates a greater value when pitting the Big Green Egg vs Kamado Joe in a side-by-side battle. 

In our minds, if the Kamado Joe is not the best ceramic charcoal grill on the market, then it is certainly one of the best.

So now that you’re a little more familiar with the Kamado Joe charcoal grill, maybe it’s time to buy one for yourself and begin to enjoy a whole new taste of food.

If you are a person who loves outdoor cooking and grilling meat, this grill can be a good choice for you.