Masterbuilt Bluetooth Smoker – Mom Wanted The Best For You

It may surprise you why you’ve never heard about the Masterbuilt Bluetooth smoker until now. When you were growing up as a child, there were certain things you just knew about your mom. For instance, you knew your mom always wanted the best for you. You also knew you could always count on your mom when you needed help.

Masterbuilt MES 130g Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker
Masterbuilt MES 130g Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker

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Your mom has always been your biggest supporter, she would always help you make the right choices, she demanded honesty in everything, she was always on your side, she taught you to treat others the way you would want to be treated, and if you asked her a question she didn’t know the answer to, she would find out.

But there was probably one thing that your mom never told you as you were growing up. That one thing involves telling you about the Masterbuilt Bluetooth smoker and she never told you about it because there’s a good possibility it wasn’t even around at the time.

If the Bluetooth smoker had been around, and you had asked her about it, she would have done her research and then told you what she found out.

She would have probably said something like this…..

“Anything that makes it easier for a mom to prepare a meal for her family is definitely worth considering. Even someone like me, that is not tech-savy, can set up this smoker and begin using it”.

She would go on to say that…..

”The Bluetooth smoker from Masterbuilt is a really handy appliance to own. It’s about as easy to operate as my oven and once you have it set to the right temperature, all you need to do is put in the food and check it once in a while until it’s done”.

And she would have been right in everything that she told you.

The nice thing is that there are two different sizes of the Bluetooth smoker. One size is a 30-inch and the other is the 40-inch size. Each size has a couple of different models and each model offers slightly different options from the other models.

While there are several different models available, only two of Masterbuilt’s 30-inch and 40-inch Bluetooth smokers are discussed below:

Masterbuilt MB20073519 30-inch Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker

  • Grilling/broiling/finishing element in the top of the smoker for more top-down cooking to sear hamburgers, make crispier chicken and finish ribs
  • Four chrome-coated smoking racks provide over 700 square inches of cooking area and will prepare plenty of food to feed smaller or moderate size families and groups; these four racks include three standard size racks plus one custom-size rack that can be used to attach a drip pan (sold separately) below the rack
  • Bluetooth Smart Technology allows you the option of controlling power on/off, internal light, cook temperature, and cook time, as well as the monitoring of the internal meat temperature from either your smart device or from the control panel of the smoker
  • Single built-in meat probe thermometer helps to monitor the internal temperature of meat
  • Side wood chip loading system is patented and helps to limit the opening of the smoker door so the heat is more consistent and heat loss is minimized
  • Two air dampers in the top of the smoker make it easier to control air flow, moisture and smoke
  • Water bowl that is large enough to maintain moisture during the smoking process and is removable for easier clean-up
  • Wood chip holding tray that is ample in size to hold ashes while smoking food, and is removable for ease of emptying the ashes when finished
  • Drip tray in the bottom of the smoker to catch excess food drippings and can be removed to make clean-up quicker
  • Handle and wheels on rear of smoker make it more portable and easier to move around
Masterbuilt MB20074719 40-inch Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker
Masterbuilt MB20074719 40-inch Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker

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Masterbuilt MB20074719 40-inch Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker

  • Four chrome-coated smoking racks provide over 900 square inches of cooking area to prepare enough food for larger families and groups
  • Bluetooth Smart Technology to control the on/off power, internal light, cook temperature, and cook time, and monitor the internal meat temperature with the option of doing it all from either your smart device or from the control panel of the smoker
  • Single built-in meat probe thermometer for monitoring the internal meat temperature (with capability to support two)
  • Patented side wood chip loading system allows you to add wood chips without opening smoker door so the heat consistently maintained and heat loss is limited
  • Single air damper in the top of the smoker that adjusts easily for air flow, moisture and smoke control
  • Large water bowl to add moisture while smoking and can be removed for easy clean-up
  • Wood chip holding tray slides out for easy ash removal when you finish and is large enough to hold ash build-up while smoking food
  • Removable drip tray to catch excess drippings from the food and to help clean-up more quickly
  • Rear-mounted handle and wheels makes moving the smoker easier
Masterbuilt Side Loading System
Masterbuilt Side Loading System

Masterbuilt’s patented side loading system is available on both of these smokers and allows you to add your favorite wood chips without reducing the temperature inside the smoker.

Both of these Masterbuilt Bluetooth smokers offer plenty of versatility to smoke food the way you want.

Both smokers also have integrated Bluetooth technology to allow you to control the process from a distance.

The Masterbuilt Bluetooth smoker 40-inch has a little more cooking area so it is better suited for people that need to feed larger families or groups. It also has the option of supporting a second meat probe thermometer if that feature is important to you.

Masterbuilt Bluetooth Smoker Broiler Element Feature
Masterbuilt Bluetooth Smoker Broiler Element Feature

The 30-inch Masterbuilt smoker with Bluetooth has the broiler element feature that is nice for adding a crispness to hamburgers, chicken and ribs. It is also a little less expensive while still providing excellent performance and plenty of food for smaller to medium-size gatherings.

Masterbuilt also makes the Bluetooth technology available in some of their other models. Each comes with various design features that make them equally functional and beneficial depending on your particular needs. Those particular smokers will be discussed in a later article but you can check them out now on Amazon if you want to see how they might benefit you.

Before making any purchase of a Bluetooth smoker, it is wise to do your research. While the Bluetooth technology can add a whole new dimension in the way you enjoy smoked food, it is not for everyone. As a matter of fact, we’ve found people seem to have more questions about these smokers than any other models.

If you decide that the Masterbuilt Bluetooth electric smoker is not right for you, then you may want to consider one of the Masterbuilt digital electric smokers that are available without the Bluetooth technology. They have a lot of functionality and you can find a price point that will fit about any budget.

If you are still trying to make a decision, don’t get discouraged. You will eventually have all the information you need to decide.

To help provide you with more of the information you need, here are some questions people often ask when considering the purchase of one of these Bluetooth smokers:

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What is the Masterbuilt Bluetooth Range?

While Bluetooth is solid in terms of its connection, the range is not that of a radio-controlled device. Depending on several factors, you can be anywhere from 10 to 30 feet away and still have control over the smoker with your Bluetooth connection.

Where Can I Get the Masterbuilt Bluetooth Smoker App?

You can download the app from the App Store if you are using iOS or Google Play if you are using Android.

The Masterbuilt website also has a link to both these apps to provide you with easy access.

Does my Smart Device Meet the Minimum Requirements for the Masterbuilt Bluetooth App?

That will depend on whether you are running the iOS app or Android app. Generally speaking, if you have the latest version you should be fine. But just in case, the minimum specifications are as follows:

  • iOS: iOS 8 or higher using at least the iPhone 6 or Higher
  • Android: Android 5.1 or Higher

With both iOS and Android, your Bluetooth must be running version 4.0 or higher.

How to Pair Your App with Your Masterbuilt Bluetooth Smoker?

You’ll have to pair the app with the Masterbuilt Bluetooth smoker first by following the instructions. They are fairly straightforward, so you should be able to connect with the app quickly.

  • Download the Masterbuilt App to your smart device – phone, laptop or tablet
  • Open the App: Tap the “GET STARTED” button
  • On the App: Follow directions and power up your smoker first
  • On the Smoker Control Panel: Press “ON/OFF” button to power it on
  • On the App: Tap “ADD A NEW DEVICE (SMOKER)” button
  • On the App: Tap “REMIND ME LATER” to bypass Product Registration or Tap “OK” to Register
  • On the Smoker Control Panel: Press & hold “SET TEMP” button until you hear a beep
  • On the App: Tap “CONNECT”
  • This will pair your Masterbuilt smoker and your smart device
  • On the App: Type a name for your smoker & Tap “DONE”
  • On the App: Wait for the Connected Icon & Tap on the Image of the Smoker
  • On the App: Tap “SET TEMP” then “SET TIME” for the smoker

At this point, the smoker is now connected and beginning to heat up to the temperature you set.

You can also check out this video if you want to know more about how to pair with your Masterbuilt Bluetooth smoker.

Why Won’t My Bluetooth Connect to my Masterbuilt Smoker?

Masterbuilt provides a step-by-step instruction on connecting the Masterbuilt app to your smoker. However, if your mobile device needs to be upgraded, it may affect how the app interacts with your smoker.

Be sure to call Masterbuilt support at 800-499-1581 to receive direct instructions if you run into any issues with the app.

You can also contact Masterbuilt support online.

Are There Any Accessories Available for the Masterbuilt Bluetooth smoker?

Yes there are.

First of all, there is a custom drip pan available for the Masterbuilt 30-inch Bluetooth smoker (mentioned earlier) and a second meat probe that can be added to the Masterbuilt 40-inch Bluetooth smoker (mentioned earlier). Both of these accessories are sold separately and are specifically designed for use with these smokers, so you would need to contact Masterbuilt to purchase them.

Secondly, there are other Masterbuilt smoker accessories available as well. These accessories are available on Amazon and can be used with most of the Masterbuilt smokers.