Masterbuilt Electric Smoker – Delivering Big-Time Results

It is widely known that the Masterbuilt electric smoker series is among the top-selling smokers today with each model capable of delivering big-time results to your gatherings. However, finding the best electric smoker out of the many brands that are being offered can seemingly be quite a challenge. 

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker
Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

Electric smokers offer some definite advantages over the more traditional smokers and each smoker is made in unique ways to simplify the entire smoking process so that the average person can achieve the same great results as the professionals do. This is good news for the consumer because this means that people who desire to be outdoors enjoying wonderfully smoked food with family and friends can turn to a Masterbuilt electric smoker for some mouth-watering results. 

Who is Masterbuilt? 

Masterbuilt is a manufacturing company who has become widely known for having some of the best electric smokers out on the retail market. Their focus is on providing quality and innovative products and they have developed a wide line of indoor and outdoor cooking products that come in different sizes and applications. Each product comes with various options and benefits that will be appreciated by everyone and are suitable for almost any occasion and any setting.  

You have probably noticed by now that when it comes to smokers, selecting the right smoker for your particular needs can seem a bit tricky at first because there are a lot of similarities. But we hope that after reading the information provided here, you will have narrowed your choice to the one that’s right for you. 

What follows are three of the electric smoker units that Masterbuilt makes available on the market today. We have broken them down into low-end, mid-range and high-end electric smokers. Each one of them has its own unique personality which means that you can select one that best matches your need.  

Masterbuilt Portable Electric Smoker
Masterbuilt Portable Electric Smoker

Which Electric Smoker Is On the Low-End for Price and Options?

The Masterbuilt portable electric smoker would be considered to be on the low-end of pricing and is the simplest, most basic unit in the Masterbuilt electric smokehouse series when it comes to operation and options for use. It is very portable, can be stored very easily, and has several notable points to consider:

  • Analog thermostat control makes it simple to dial in your temperature
  • 2 chrome-coated racks provide plenty of space to serve small gatherings
  • Removable grease pan for easy clean-up
  • Temperature gauge built-in door for easy reading 
  • Foldable legs for easy portability and storage

While it is a simpler model, it is no less effective than the other models that are available. The Masterbuilt portable electric smoker may not possess the electronic capabilities of the other models, but it still offers its own unique take on smoking foods and is designed primarily for the person that prefers to use a more basic, old-fashioned and straight-forward smoker at a minimal cost.

Since this unit does not come with its own secondary thermometer to check the internal temperature of the meat, a separate meat thermometer is needed to be sure that all food is cooked to meet safe temperatures that defend against food poisoning.

For the person desiring a few more options, they will want to consider both of the following units that we like to classify as a digital smoker – the Masterbuilt 30 smoker and Masterbuilt 40 smoker.  

Masterbuilt 30 Smoker
Masterbuilt 30 Smoker

Which Electric Smoker is Considered a Mid-Range Smoker? 

The Masterbuilt 30 smoker would be considered a mid-range smoker and is a favorite in the digital smoker series. It is certainly one of the more popular in the series because of its’ very attractive range of pricing for the different models that are available. Also, its’ size is such that it can smoke a large amount of food, yet because of its dimensions, it fits very well into smaller areas where space is at a premium.

There are plenty of things that stand out about the Masterbuilt 30 but the primary points that people make about this model are the amazing results they are getting, the ease of operation, and the set it and forget it features. 

This unit comes with a complete warranty. It is viewed as one of the best electric smokers on the market today and it has shown that through its popularity. This smoker is ideal for the person who is price conscious yet likes to have the ability to decide on available options.  

For those who are seeking a larger model with additional options and conveniences, then you will want to continue reading. 

Which Digital Electric Smoker Is Classified on the High-End? 

The Masterbuilt 40 smoker is classified on the high-end in the digital smoker series. While the price is certainly not out of reach, it is definitely a larger unit and offers some great space to smoke your favorite meats and foods. The craftsmanship is also impressive given the size, sturdiness and overall quality of this particular unit.

Masterbuilt 40 Smoker
Masterbuilt 40 Smoker

People point to many different things when talking about this smoker but commonly refer to the amount of food that it can hold, the frequency and ease of use, and the ability to get consistent results.

The Masterbuilt 40 has all the features of the Masterbuilt 30 with other additional conveniences being included. If you are a person who doesn’t have to be as concerned about price and simply want to be able to enjoy all of the bells and whistles of a high-quality smoker, then this smoker may be the ideal match for you.   

One other consideration is the Masterbuilt electric smoker with Bluetooth. While this smoker may be considered on the high-end, it is certainly worth the investment if you like to use the Bluetooth technology to your benefit.

So What Is The Take Away From All of This? 

It is commonly known that each of these Masterbuilt electric smoker units offers powerful advantages that can help you create the best tasting results in smoked food for your family and friends. So it basically boils down to how much you can afford to spend in order to have the smoker that will serve you best. 

If you are on a more limited budget or if this is your first time owning a smoker, you should probably start out with a low-end or mid-range electric smoker, and work with the available options in one of these smoker units to perfect your own taste for smoking foods.  

However, if your budget is more flexible on spending and you want to be able to take advantage of all or most of the options and conveniences available on an electric smoker, then you should consider something in the mid-range or high-end of the Masterbuilt electric smoker line of products.   

Always remember that with the purchase of any smoker from Masterbuilt, you are acquiring something that is built to last, something that you can be proud of, something that you want to protect. Therefore, it would be wise to consider a Masterbuilt smoker cover to provide that protection and extend the life of your new unit.  

To make your food smoking experience easier, simpler and safer, be sure to check out the Masterbuilt smoker accessories to see if there are any that you can benefit from.