Masterbuilt Smoker Cover – Is It Important to Have a Cover?

When you invest your hard-earned money into something that you expect to enjoy for many years to come, it becomes important to protect that investment with a Masterbuilt smoker cover. For those who love to cook outdoors and especially barbeque with the family on those warm, summer days, an investment into a Masterbuilt smoker certainly falls into that category as it is one of life’s little treasures that you plan to enjoy for a long time.  

Masterbuilt 40 Inch Smoker Cover
Masterbuilt 40 inch Smoker Cover

With the wide variety of meats that the smoker can prepare to perfection, it certainly makes for great cooking outdoors. However, the warm weather does not last all year round at least for many places in the world. This means that the smoker will need to be properly stored and covered so that it is fully protected whether it is sitting outdoors or indoors. Fortunately, there is Masterbuilt smoker cover that is tailor-made for the job.  

Will This Cover Fit My Smoker?  

The Masterbuilt electric smoker cover is designed to fit most 40-inch electric smokers in the Masterbuilt product line. There is a cover designed to fit the 40-inch electric smokers as well. Masterbuilt also makes a cover for their propane smokers. Whether you are considering a cover for a 40-inch smoker or 30-inch smoker from Masterbuilt, you will want to check the dimensions of the cover to be sure that it will fit your particular smoker.  All covers are tailored specifically to each model and fit tightly over the unit to ensure that it is fully covered and does not blow off easily. Thanks to the polyester material, applying and removing the cover is very easy.  

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What Can I Expect From This Cover? 

Whenever the Masterbuilt name is attached to a product, you can expect quality and innovation to be at the core with an emphasis on the product always improving, always becoming better. You can expect nothing less with the Masterbuilt smoker cover as its construction revolves around promoting longevity in your smoker by protecting it when not in use and when being stored.  

Masterbuilt Propane Smoker Cover
Masterbuilt Propane Smoker Cover

How Durable is the Cover? 

All covers are crafted from a high quality, reinforced polyester. The polyester is a very tough, durable material that helps protect the smoker against dust, dirt and other debris. It also aids in protecting against scratches that might arise when the unit is being moved or gets bumped.  Each cover is manufactured using strong stitching at the seams and is crafted to last for many years. While the seams are very tight, the material is breathable enough to minimize condensation build-up on the smoker that can cause it to rust. 

What Color of Covers Are Available?  

The cover is available in all-black which matches the color of the unit. The cover looks very attractive. It is easy to dust and clean and can be maintained with minimal effort. 

Can the Cover Be Used Indoors and Outdoors?  

It should be noted that the Masterbuilt smoker cover is designed for indoor use only. As strong as it is, it is not designed to stand up to all environmental conditions, particularly not in a harsh winter season.  In the off-season, many people store their smoker inside a garage or shed, under a porch or in another location that it is protected from the harsh outdoor elements. With this type of indoor storage, the Masterbuilt smoker cover would be ideal. 

Classic Accessories Veranda Smoker Cover
Classic Accessories Veranda Smoker Cover

However, if your smoker will not be stored inside but will spend all of its life outside and you are looking for a cover that can be used outdoors, then you should consider a smoker cover from Classic Accessories, Char-Broil, Brinkmann, or GrillPro. These covers are made of a heavy-duty material that is specifically designed for outdoor use and some of them are constructed for a universal fit.

As with any of these covers, be sure to compare the cover dimensions with your smoker dimensions for a proper fit. It should also be noted that a universal fit may be a little large for your smoker and may require some straps to secure the cover properly.   

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What Kind of Reviews Has the Cover Received? 

The Masterbuilt smoker cover has received some rather mixed reviews and an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

A large number of people do like the cover and give it a very positive review with some even mentioning that they have used the cover successfully in the outdoor elements. However, many of the negative reviews seem to be centered on the fact that the cover is made for indoor use only and does not do a good job of repelling water. 

There is one thing that is certain. You want to protect your smoker for the long-term and be sure that each time you bring your smoker out of storage for use, it is ready to go and needs very little cleanup. With all things considered, it seems like a smoker cover is a small price to pay for such an important investment. 

While this has become a very popular accessory, there are a number of other accessories for the Masterbuilt smoker that people find very useful. You may not have the money to invest in these add-ons at this time, but you will want to give some consideration to them at some point because they are handy items that will make your smoking events even more enjoyable.