Masterbuilt Smoker Accessories – How One Solved A Problem

Do you ever find yourself looking for the latest in new trendy accessories to use for smoking food? To be completely honest, we are always searching for the newest Masterbuilt smoker accessories that make things a little simpler, easier and even safer when preparing food in the electric smoker. Not surprisingly, we have found some pretty incredible accessories that will be useful to you too.

Masterbuilt Smoker Accessories

Most of the accessories that you see here carry the Masterbuilt name and have been made specifically by the Masterbuilt company to make the smoking experience more enjoyable when using their particular smokers. On the other hand, some of the other accessories you see are made by other reputable companies. In all cases, you will have to decide if any of these particular accessories will benefit you.

How One of the Masterbuilt Smoker Accessories Solved a Problem

Recently, we heard from a person who solved a problem by purchasing a Masterbuilt smoker stand. This particular person has lower back issues, so when they bend over more than normal it causes their back pain to flare-up. However, they knew that if the smoker was off the ground, it would give them easier access to the smoker and take some stress off their back. So they began to search for a solution and found that Masterbuilt makes a stand for their smoker units.  

In the past, Masterbuilt made a specific stand to fit either their 30-inch or 40-inch digital electric smoker models to help make these units easier to access during the smoking process.

The Masterbuilt 30 digital electric smoker stand was made specifically to fit all of their 30-inch models. It was made of heavy-duty steel construction to add stability and it also provided an area for some storage under the smoker for things like wood chips, tools, and other smoking supplies.  

The Masterbuilt 40 electric smoker stand fits all of their 40-inch models and has also been made of some pretty strong materials like the 30-inch stand. Both of these stands were made to raise the smoker unit off the ground by about 18 inches. 

Recently, however, Masterbuilt came up with a new design by creating a universal smoker stand. In doing this, they decided to discontinue both the older 30-inch stand and 40-inch stand. 

Masterbuilt 2010114 LLC 20101114 Universal Electric Smoker

While the discontinued 30-inch and 40-inch stands may still be available in limited quantities, once the inventory is gone, the company will not be making more. At that time, it is our understanding that only the new universal smoker stand will be available. 

  • Fits the 30-inch and 40-inch digital electric smokers as well as the generation 1, 2 and 2.5 models truly making this a one size fits all accessory.
  • Raises the smoker about 10 inches off the ground providing easier access while still providing stability to the smoker and some space to store some things too.
  • Includes wheels for the back legs so the unit becomes more mobile when you need to move it.

This new universal leg extension kit Masterbuilt has created seems to be catching on with people as most are finding out how handy it is to have their smoker off the ground. This new accessory comes with the following features and benefits:

On a side note, the installation of these legs seems simple and straightforward. However, because it is a universal kit you will have some parts left over so don’t be alarmed by this once the installation is complete. 

Ever Thought About a Masterbuilt Smoker Side Shelf?

Another handy accessory is the Masterbuilt smoker side shelf. It’s easy to overlook this one but many people are finding that the additional space is nice to have for setting their supplies and utensils on while using the smoker.

Masterbuilt MB20101613 20101613 Smoker Side Shelf, 13 Inch, Black

Since this shelf only fits certain models, you’ll want to be sure that it will fit your unit before ordering. A convenient feature about this shelf is that it folds down when not in use so it should not be in the way if you use a smoker cover or if you’re just moving it to some inside storage.

Use a Masterbuilt Fish and Vegetable Mat for Smaller or Delicate Foods 

If you’ve ever thought about doing veggies, fish, seafood, jerky or hamburger even, you will want to invest in the Masterbuilt fish and vegetable mat. This mat is made especially for smaller food that would normally fall through the smoker rack as well as a delicate food, like fish, that can be a little more of a challenge to cook.

With this mat, delicate food is easier to cook because it has a silicone, non-stick surface that lets you remove food without it sticking or falling apart.

Masterbuilt 20090215 Fish and Vegetable Cooking Mat for Smoker, 30-inch Black

It is made to allow any grease from the food to pass through but the food itself will not fall through to the bottom of the smoker. It sort of reminds us of the mesh on a screen window except with a little larger holes.

We like the fact that cleanup is easy because the mat is dishwasher safe. It is available in sizes that fit either the 30-inch or 40-inch smokers and comes in a convenient two-pack. It’s a smart choice to have an accessory like this because you will find more uses for this mat as you go along.  

Cook More Ribs with a Masterbuilt Smoker Rib Rack 

People that like the idea of cooking more ribs at one time generally look to a Masterbuilt smoker rib rack for help. A rib rack allows you to get more ribs in a smaller area so you can cook more ribs by standing them up rather than just laying them down in the smoker.

This rack allows you to put up to 4 slabs of ribs on one rack. While most people use it for ribs, some people like to use it for pork chops and steaks. It works well for kabobs too.

Masterbuilt 20100211 Rib Rack

When food is stood upright during the smoking process, it normally doesn’t have to be flipped or rotated. Standing upright provides better airflow between the ribs while they are cooking which is helpful.  

One thing to keep in mind though, ribs on the outside of the rack generally cook a little faster than those toward the middle of the rack. So it’s a good idea to rotate the ribs around at least once during the smoking process to promote even cooking.

Depending on the size of the ribs you are smoking, you may have to cut the ribs in half to fit the width of the rack which is about 9 inches.

As always, remember to just cook to the right internal temperature of the meat by using a reliable smoker thermometer and do not be as concerned with the amount of time in the smoker.     

To learn more about the recommended finish temperature for different smoked meats, be sure to check out our page titled safe meat temperatures.

Save Your Hands by Using the Masterbuilt Smoker Gloves 

The Masterbuilt smoker gloves are actually made by a company called Kitchen Perfection. At first glance, they look like superhero gloves from one of the Marvel characters. But no matter what they look like, we think you’ll agree that saving your hands is always important during the cooking process.

These gloves can be used for almost anything. They have a rough texture on the outside that keeps them from getting slippery, which happens a lot when you are using marinades, oils and other liquids during the handling of your food.

The non-slip grip makes them ideal for about any job where there is moisture around.

KITCHEN PERFECTION Silicone Smoker Oven Gloves -Extreme Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves -Handle Hot Food Right on Your Grill Fryer Pit|Waterproof Oven Mitts |Superior Value Set+3 Bonuses

They can be great for protecting you from burns when frying, boiling or steaming food in the turkey fryer too. These gloves make taking food in and out of a smoker and fryer much easier and carving food now becomes a snap with these smoker gloves and a sharp knife.

They are a one size fits all glove and will fit either large or small hands. They come in a number of different colors too.

This is another one of those items you will find many different uses for once you have a pair. 

Put It All Together With the Masterbuilt Smoker and Grill Accessory Kit 

Some things just work better together in a group as you will find with the Masterbuilt smoker and grill accessory kit. Masterbuilt has combined some of the most commonly used tools of the trade by bundling the fish and vegetable mat, smoker rib rack, and smoker gloves into this combination kit. A kit like this is a great idea whether you are a beginner or veteran chef.

Masterbuilt Smoker & Grill Accessory Kit with Mat, Gloves & Rib Rack

But what we really like about it is that you can find many different ways to use these accessories whether you’re into smoking food, grilling or frying.

So if you like the idea of having a multipurpose kit that gives more options on the foods you prepare, we encourage you to take a look at this combination grill and smoker accessories kit.

Do I Need to Use a Masterbuilt Smoker Sausage Hanger? 

Many people want to know if they need to use a Masterbuilt smoker sausage hanger when it comes to smoking sausage. And that’s a great question! It seems like everyone you ask has a different take on whether to hang sausage or lay it flat on the racks when smoking. In other words, if you asked 10 different people about this you would probably have about half say they believe that hanging is best and the other half say that laying flat is best.

We have not tried to smoke sausage yet. But based on what we’ve read and the people we’ve talked to, it seems that there are benefits to both ways. Nevertheless, the bottom line is it appears to be more of a matter of preference than anything else.

Masterbuilt 20090113 Smoker Sausage Hanger

People that use a hanger system to smoke food will mention that they can smoke more sausages by hanging them; the juices flow better through the smoking process when hanging; they don’t want to rotate racks as often as is required when laying flat to get an even heat and smoke on the sausage; and the meat finishes with a more consistent color when hanging and does not leave the burn marks caused by the rack.

People that prefer to lay the sausage flat will tell you that it is quicker and easier to smoke large amounts of meat this way. They will also tell you there is more work in hanging sausage and you have to make sure the sausage doesn’t touch.

Also, some people say they do both depending on the size or type of sausage they are smoking. Some people hang everything except for jerky. Still, other people like to lay the smaller sausages flat on the rack but hang larger ones. Whichever way you prefer, it seems like there is still a certain amount of rotating that you are going to have to do with the meat. 

You can see there is a wide range of reasons why people either use the Masterbuilt smoker sausage hanger or they don’t. You will have to take your pick on this one. If you think you’ll actually use it, we encourage you to check it out.  

There is something worth mentioning before we conclude here. Sausage is smoked at lower temperatures than most other meat and can be exposed to dangerous elements if not handled properly. As a result, always practice food safety when smoking sausage whether you use a smoker hanger or you lay it flat on the rack. 

Speed Up the Process with Pulled Pork Shredder Claws 

Once the meat is smoked and ready to be pulled, it’s time to get the Original Bear Paws pulled pork shredder claws involved in the process. These claws can shred the meat quickly, easily and almost effortlessly.

Before purchasing the claws, we just used a couple of heavy-duty forks and that seemed to work. The problem was, we used to dread this part of the process.

Then one day, we found out about this gadget. Now it makes such a big difference in the pulling and shredding process that we actually enjoy this part of the process. It serves as a great finish to the family favorite smoked pulled pork recipe.

Bear Paws Meat Claws - The Original Meat Shredder Claws, USA Made - Easily Lift, Shred, Pull and Serve Meats - Ultra-Sharp, Ideal Meat Claws for Shredding Pulled Pork, Chicken, Beef, Turkey - Orange

They have a special ergonomic design that makes them much easier and more comfortable to use than a fork.  The easy to grip handles kind of act as extensions of your hands in a sense, with each having six very sharp claws attached to them.

We tend to like tools and utensils that have more than one purpose. That is why we like this gadget so well. It not only pulls and shreds pork, chicken, turkey, and beef, it can also be used for handling hot meat when lifting it out onto a cutting board, or turning and stabilizing meat that you are going to carve. It even acts as salad tongs to toss salad.

Each of the claws is made out of nylon, not plastic, and can tolerate a lot of heat. As a result, they are dishwasher safe with the top shelf of the dishwasher being recommended for cleanup. If you like choices other than black, they come in a variety of different colors too.


People are always looking to make things simpler, easier and safer when they are smoking food and each of the Masterbuilt smoker accessories have been made with that in mind.

There are many accessories to choose from and as trends change in the outdoor cooking world, you will see new products being sold.

If you’re like us, you’ll find it easy to get excited about all of the new gadgets and want to buy every new thing that comes out on the market. But everyone has a budget, and you will have to decide which of the Masterbuilt smoker accessories will be most beneficial to you.